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Selected- 50 Top Windows Apps- 2002

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"an incredibly
useful utility"

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"Keep safe with CyberScrub"

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View Exciting Sales Tool Kit
Promote Internet Privacy and Earn TOP Commissions
Sign Up Now!  Become an Affiliate Partner with or without
a website!
CyberScrub removes all evidence of online activity (pictures viewed, email, IM, chat,

history cookies, videos, history, cache), erases data beyond recovery (exceeds
DOD 5220.22M) and enhances performance by removing Internet clutter.

The CyberScrub Advantage:

  • 30% per Sale- Online, Fax & Mail ordering options will increase conversions
  • Excellent Sales Tools- Banners, Pop-ups, Rotating Text Links, Web Pages
  • Top Customer Service- Customers, Leads or Webmaster get prompt response
  • Quality Software- a name brand solution, not a quick "knock off"
Other programs may pay higher per sales commissions, BUT you will sell many
more copies of CyberScrub because of an established brand name, quality, and
service. Only the truly paranoid
will pay $79.95-$149. for unknown products sight

Now you can participate in an Internet sales opportunity even if you don't have a website.
CyberScrub posts a unique site just for you, with identifying codes that report sales
activity and generate your high dollar commissions.

Experienced webmasters will of course be able to promote this "special site" from
links, icons and banners on their web pages.

But here is where it really gets interesting: each affiliate will have a unique web address
(URL) they can print on cards or flyers, attach to existing product literature, or email to
their friends. A great idea is to put a signature line in all of your outbound email, maybe
something like this:
"I discovered a great way to ensure my Internet privacy. Check out this link:

Sign Up Now! Just three sales a day means you'll earn $1350. per month! And better yet,
your friends will thank you for helping them become aware of the risks that confront them.

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